Wellness Space


The perfect place for yoga and wellness classes, workshops, yoga brunches, wellness festivals and retreats in sunderland and durham.  

In May 2018 Claire Lormor completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Canada, specialising in Vinyasa Yoga. She created WELLNESS SPACE when she returned back to England with the hope of spreading her passion for yoga around the North East. As much as Claire believes yoga is an integral part of wellness, she wanted to create a space for all things that have a positive effect on our wellbeing - health, fitness, nutrition, meditation, community, travel and, last but definitely not least, yoga - in an area that is so close to her heart.

In addition to a studio in Sunderland and Durham  Claire also organises weekend wellness retreats around the local area. She does Yoga Brunches at a local coffee shop (Holmeside Coffee); and organised her  first ever Sunderland Wellness Festival (SWF) in the summer of 2019. The first of its kind in the region, the SWF brought together a number of local business and healthcare professionals from Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. Claire is  currently in the midst of planning SWF 2020. 


Wellness Space - North East

Wellness Space - North East

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